Me and My Parrots, 1941

As you might've already guessed one of my favorite painters is Frida Kahlo.  Here some similarities between me and Frida as well as things Iím trying to do to be more like Frida:

Frida had her monkeys, I have my chinchillas. The only problem is no matter how hard I try to train them the little bastards wonít sit still and pose for me, so there wonít be any self-portraits entitled "Me and My Chinchillas" in the near future.

Frida was constantly miserable and considered her paintings a somewhat of an escape out of her sad life, I'm a pretty happy person, but I still like to paint in order to escape reality.

Frida spoke Spanish, I studied Spanish for ten years, (used to be quite fluent), but havenít used it since high school...

Fridaís sun sign was a Cancer and so is mine.

Frida was a tomboy and so was I.

Frida was in love with a tall large man, Iíve dated tall large menÖ (the taller and the larger they were the more unsuccessful the relationships were.  I think the same rule applies to Frida's relationships).

Fridaís tall large man painted calla lilies, I paint calla lilies.

Frida had a unibrow, Iím working on mine by applying Rogain in between the two I now have, (no result so far).