My hair colors and hair styles over the past five years (just a few examples).

I believe in constantly reinventing one's self. Looking the same your whole life is boring, to say the least.  For me the change of my appearance marks a new cycle of my life. When I'm not happy with my life and I make changes to make it better I change my hair color as well to mark the new stage of my life. So, don't be afraid to try new hair styles and colors.  There's nothing to be afraid of (of course, except for your hair falling out, which is not that scary, since many people shave their hair off on purpose). 

This is me with black hair at a debutant ball (yes, I went to such a thing). That's me at a semi-formal in college with short ash light brown hair. That's me with pale blond hair.

Me with braids (I get those once every few years). that's me with warm brown hair in an old hat with ripped veil.  (does it not sound like a great name for a surreal painting?) I didn't last for too long as an orange head, but I did like it a lot.