Just a few ads featuring celebrities and things they do.

I really respect Sean Penn as an actor and an individual.  I think it's a huge accomplishment to go from Hollywood's bad boy to a respectable family man or to go from playing a shithead in "Fast times at Richmond High" to playing a retard in "I am Sam".  However, I would really love to know what was he thinking when he went to Iraq???
I love Robert Downey Jr.  I think he's a terrific actor.  Just not a very lucky one.  I'm sure that tones of people in Hollywood do coke, but he's one of the few that are getting caught all the time.  Cops, probably, search him every time they see him...  And always find what they expect to find... It's sad, really!  By the way did you know that in the 1880s, the psychiatrist Sigmund Freud created a sensation with a series of papers praising cocaine's potential to cure depression, alcoholism, and morphine addiction.

Sofia Loren is an all-time beauty.  She's just as gorgeous now as she was thirty years ago.  However, her choice of glasses was always kinda bothering me.  I realize that they compliment her features, but I still have to make fun of them.  My grandmother had actually met Sofia, when she was filming one of her movies in Poltava, Ukraine.  She (my grandma) said that Sofia was very nice, courteous and generous.  Nice boobs too.