I'd like to start by saying that I'm not discriminating against Muslim women in any way possible.  I have the utmost respect for all the cultures or traditions.  Having said that I present to you my two theories on how burkas might've came to existance.

Theory I:  Once upon a time, (long time ago, of course) there lived a very powerful caliph.  Great were his powers, extremely bad looking were his many daughters.  They were so ugly in fact that nobody wanted to take any of them as wives, regardless of Caliph's fortune they were to inherit one day. With their clocks ticking the girls drove Caliph and his wife crazy imposing on their quality time and postponing Caliph's early retirement plans.  Caliph's wife couldn't take it anymore and gave him an ultimatum: either he'd marry his daughters ASAP or he'd have to sleep on the couch for the rest of his life.  Poor caliph thought long and hard and then came up with an idea of a fabric that was to cover his daughters' bodies from head to toe (did I mention his daughters possessed physics that were far away from Elle McPherson's body type?).  Anyway, Caliph's wife made the burkas and Caliph called up a few guys from the neighboring countries to come and meet his daughters.  However, caliph's wife, being smart woman that she was began to worry that foreign grooms-to-be could become suspicious when they would see the girls veiled like that.  She confided her fears to her husband.  Once again long and hard caliph thought of the matter.  By the time foreign visitors came every woman in the country was veiled from head to toe by the orders of the Great caliph...

Theory II: Same as Theory I, only the daughters were so beautiful that nobody wanted to marry them because they were afraid that the beauties would cheat on them having so many men at their feet.

Furthermore, I think sometimes that having a burka as a fashion accessory wouldn't be that bad at all.  I think Muslim women are really onto something with veiling themselves, (when they do it of their own free will, of course).  Think about it.  Lets say you a woman with a very jealous boy-friend who suspects you of flirting with people left and right.  You don't actually do it and besides that your relationship is great.  Wouldn't a burka be a perfect solution, considering, of course, that your jealous lover will trust you not to lift it up when he's not around?  Better yet, think of bad hair days or huge zits in a middle of your forehead.  Think of preventing all that sun damage everybody is concerned about.   You can actually be married to somebody and pull off gaining weight, never using any make-up, dyeing your hair, etc.  All you have to do is wear burka during the day, work long hours, come back when it's dark and only use candles for lighting around the house.

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