Everything around me is an oracle

And my every question

Gets immediately answered.

I wonder

Why the other people don't

See all the clues

Placed all around here

To make it easier for us to bare

The world and ourselves.

The beauty of the world is so visible

They say that they are not a part of it,

Because of stupid Eve

They don't believe that life is metaphysical

In rationality and logic they believe.

"Is it the fight for money

That blinded them so?"

I often ask my oracles,

But even they don't know...


So what if you don’t show it?

I still know how you feel

I don’t want a fucking hero

I just want someone who’s real

Though I wish you said you loved me

And I wish you’d fight for me

But the words don’t even matter

When it comes to you and me.


I wish it were much easier

Than how it now is

I wish I met you sooner

But that’s just that – a wish!

I wish you were attentive

And complemented me,

But what you are already

Is more than good for me.

If you have never touched me

And never kissed my lips

I wouldn’t miss the feeling

Of you between my hips.

If I have never opened

My eyes when we made love.

I could have never fallen

So hard and deep in love.

I wish at least you loved me

But true love’s so rare!

If you do have some feelings

Please, show me that you care.

I wish I never met you

But it’s too late for that

I’m so in love already…

I love you!  That is that!


I'm not exactly Mary Stuart,

And yet, I want to be the ruler of your heart

You say, that I already am

The empress of your empire,

I told you I don't want to use satire

In describing our love,

So disregard the sentences I wrote above!

I am your equal and for me it is enough

To love you always and to cherish our love!


To come at the right moment

To make a theatrical appearance

To deeply disturb your soul

To heighten your dying spirits

To make you remember my body

To make you dream of no other

Again and again I wish for

So we can find each other.




You have a deadly tumor

Growing on your heart,

Oh, my sweet baby…

It’s I, cancerous Cancerian lady,

Queen of the pain,

Spreading in your chest,

My darling naïve baby

Do me a favor – run away

Before it is too late!


The line is blurred

In between sex and love...

That's how you know

That you are in love.

And all the feelings

That you can't express by words

You can express through

Touches and caresses.

You see yourself

In pupils of your lover's eyes,

You feel his love

Through trembling of your own lips

And when you shake with pleasure and believe

That this would make a perfect moment for the end

You know in your heart

That he's THE ONE!