Star wars ii review:

i have to start by mentioning that i'm a big star wars fan, the old star wars fan it is.  i was very disappointed by the episode I and went to see episode Ii in hope to regain my old belief in lucas' ability to make a cool flick.  i must say that the attack of the clones was better than the phantom menace, (maybe because it's harder to make  a star wars movie worse than Episode I). 

if somebody showed me certain parts of episode II without mentioning it was star wars i would probably think i were watching some romantic sucky space comedy.  i think there was way too much romance in the attack of the clones for a movie of that kind.  Plus, it felt like lucas ran out of imagination all together.  the chase in the beginning of the movie looked all too familiar because it reminded me of the chase in the fifth element (plus, it was way too long).  Queen Amidala's outfits weren't all that original either.  one of her head pieces looked like it was cut out of king tut's sarcophagus and most of her dresses (and other females in the movie dresses) were nothing more than variations to traditional customs of various nations.  Though i have to admit that amidala's elaborate hair styles made princess lea's side braids look like boring pig tales. 

after i saw the movie i had a few unanswered questions, such as Why would padme go for anakin when obi-wan was around? why did kamino cloners looked so much like aliens in AI (speaking of another bad movie)? and why the hell yoda used his cane if he could jump better than Bruce lee?  i have to say that yoda totally made the movie.  because of yoda i went to see it for the second time.  i also loved the fact that anakin sounds like Heineken. 

...and this is my review of star wars episode ii...  may the force be with you!

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